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Fic: Bound Together (SPN fic) [Mar. 14th, 2011|06:14 pm]
Fic It Forward



Author: emeralds75
Dean was Alistair's most beloved student for a reason. Fic on what Dean did in Hell and the consequences he has to deal with after he's pulled out...and the fact that his brother starts looking at him -and touching him!- in ways he shouldn't. First half of the story is set in Hell and there's DW/OFC. Eventually DW/SW -when DW's alive and kicking- and Evil!SW towards the end.
Sorry! I know I suck at summaries! If you want, you can suggest a better one as the story progresses!
Rated: NC-17
Setting: Season Four
Characters: Dean, Sam, Alistair, Ruby, Bobby Singer, Castiel, OFC, OMCs
Warnings: It's a dark fic. 

Fic here: http://emeralds75.livejournal.com/3985.html

Note: the fic comes with an index of the chapters which includes a short summary for each one plus warnings, etc. It's pretty useful!